With a variety of styles, you're sure to find one that gives you the ultimate vaping experience while allowing you to express yourself. What's your favorite color? Pick a battery and an atomizer, get yourself some delicious e-liquid, and you're ready to being your vaping adventure.


We've tried to put together some attractive and functional combinations for you to start with. Some include a battery, atomizer and charger, while others have an extra battery. Some have a case and a needle bottle, too.

Things to store, to wear, and to personalize your e-cig hardware.

Want a skull drip tip? Or maybe one that tilts? We have lanyards with bling, too. Have fun with it!

We are proud to offer premium e-liquids mixed right here in the good old US of A. Our liquids are manufactured with an 80/20 ratio of PG/VG. If you don't see a flavor that you want, please use the contact form to tell me about it. 




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Genie Vapors is currently under construction.

To view some of our product offerings, please visit our eBay page. Our e-juices are available for purchase through our website - click on products for a complete selection.

ANNOUNCING GRAND OPENING AT NESHAMINY MALL IN BENSALEM, PA. Visit us at our kiosk just outside Macy's near the Christmas tree.